How Worka is removing the bottle-neck of getting a good paying job in Nigeria.

good paying job in Nigeria

“Getting a good paying job in Nigeria is a full-time job on its own” – Anonymous.

Today on Startupbuz’s #InnovativeStartupSeries, our team meet with Jaiyeola Ayodeji David, the Co-founder of one of the fast growing startups in Nigeria helping graduates and job seekers to prepare for and secure their dream jobs. He shares with us the problem Worka is solving, the innovative solution the team has built to address this problem and the challenges so far.

Closing the skill gap and the dearth of experience limiting getting a good paying job in Nigeria.

good paying job in Nigeria

Worka is a job preparatory platform that helps job seekers prepare and stands out from the crowd to secure a good paying job in Nigeria.

Worka was founded in November 2017 by Jaiyeola Ayodeji in his quest to address the pain-point of most job seekers – no experience or not-enough skill-set to get a good paying job. Worka has been largely self-funded by its Co-founder with a user-base of over 5000 in less 5 weeks of launching.

According to Jaiyeola Ayodeji, Worka is not like every other job platforms where jobs are advertised and thousands of job seekers juggle for a position meant for only a few with no assurance of getting hired. Worka rather employs a better approach where job seekers are given an employability ranking and placed in sight of over 100 employers/recruiters monthly until they get their desired job. In his word, Jaiyeola Ayodeji said “Worka is a testing platform that places emphasis on job seekers preference and help  them secure a good paying job in Nigeria in a short period of time”.

With an innovative platform that help screen, rank and showcase top talents to employers, Worka is set to close the skill gap and the dearth of experience that serves as bottle-neck to getting a good paying job in Nigeria.

Unique features that makes Worka different from other job platforms.

Test Platform: This feature prepares job seekers for the first stage of interview. It comes with standard interview questions with shorter test time to enable job seekers hone their skills.

CV Rewrite: This feature helps graduate/job seekers create a compelling CV that improve their chances of getting an interview.

Rank: This feature gives graduates/job seekers an employability ranking that make them visible to top hiring employers.

What benefit do job seekers get for using Worka?

Securing a good paying job in Nigeria is an herculean task. This is largely due to the fact that the job market is very competitive as thousands of job seekers compete for just one job opening. Finding the best fit is a tough task for employers on the other hand. This is the gap Worka is working to fill. Users on Worka are given a higher preference by employers as the task of screening/vetting would have been done by Worka. Employers trust Worka to present them top talents. This is the rear benefit you get for using the Worka platform. This means graduates or job seekers get hired faster.

How does Worka works?

To use Worka, users fill a simple registration form here. Once registration is done, users upload their Curriculum Vitae (CV). Uploading CV is only done the first time. Users further take aptitude test so their employability status can be ranked.

Once a user’s CV is reviewed and employability status ranked, he or she is placed in sight of over 100 employers/recruiters monthly until he or she secures his/her desired job.

Future Projection:

According to Jaiyeola Ayodeji, Worka seeks to place more than 20% of its users in various companies in the next five years thereby providing them a steady source of income. On increasing its user base, he said the startup plans increasing its users to 1.2 million users in the next five years and also expanding its operations to four other African countries including: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Egypt.

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