Top 5 Reasons why you must not miss Techpoint Inspired 2017

techpoint inspired

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I don’t miss networking events especially events around the tech and startup space. Every year, I mark out my calendar for ”must attend events”. Eventbrite is my first companion when I’m looking out for which event is taking place, while Meetup comes second in helping me find meetups of interest. Having benefited immensely from attending these events, here are my top five reasons why you should not miss the forth-coming Techpoint inspired event  organized by, scheduled to hold on 29th of May, 2017.

techpoint inspired
Building Network with key industry players

In my over 6 years of experience in the IT industry, I can say without any doubt that Networking is the key engine of success in the tech industry. Last year I was working on an idea that was almost failing until I attended an event. In the course of implementing the idea, I needed large sets of verified data (market research data from both connected and non-Internet connected population). I needed a cost-effective way to carry out such a market research.  While at the event, I skillfully threw in my problem as a question to the audience during the Q&A session. Few minutes after, I got responses that instantly sparked a thought and brought an answer to a question that has bugged me for more than 3 months. There is now a bright light in what seems like a dark tunnel. The right strategy for implementation became very clear to me. Now, I didn’t only get a solution to the said problem, I also meet with one of the panelist, a CTO of one of the big Coys, who eventually mentored and assisted me in getting all the resource I needed to bring my idea to life.

Opportunity to showcase your skill set and get hired

There is no better place to showcase your skills or brag about projects you’ve worked on than an event that have key industry players in attendance. An event like Techpoint inspired that brings together such key players from different industries is one of such rear platforms to take advantage of.

For example, with tech industry players like Victor Asemota (CEO, Swiftacorps), Funke Opeke (Founder & CEO, MainOne Cable services Ltd), Emeka Okoye (CEO, Cymantiks), Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (founder, Flutterwave); speaking at the forth-coming Techpoint Inspired event, this can be a good platform for a developer to showcase his/her skill set and stuff he/she has worked on. This may however require a skillful approach. The developer uses the opportunity of the Question and Answer session to ask or answer a question while skillfully making reference to his/her skill set and a recent project he/she has worked on that relates to the subject. This becomes a bait to attract the “big fishes” in this case the potential employers in the tech industry.


Gain Access to a pool of potential clients

Techpoint Inspired will bring together various industry experts, venture capitalists, career professionals, business owners, policy makers, contractors, thought leaders in different fields. This is a large pool of potential clients for smart business persons or startup founders, especially those in the B2B space.

As a freelance web developer myself, I have leveraged on such audiences to get most of the clients I now work with. For example, during one of such events, I responded to a question asked by a participant on what she need to know to build and manage a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria. Given my concise and expert advice on this subject, four potential clients approached me and gave me their business cards after the event. We got talking afterwards and the rest they say is history. It didn’t even stop at these clients alone, it continued with referrals from the same clients.


Get exposure on best practices in your choose career or business

To be relevant in a fast changing business world of the twenty first century, everyone – job-seekers, employees of companies, business owners and employers alike must be abreast of current trends and best practices in their business domain or chosen career. This becomes  imperative given the rate at which businesses get disrupted. For players in the tech industries or startups/SMEs looking to leverage on technology for example, the technologies adopted three years ago have now become obsolete. This means they must adopt cutting-edge technologies in order to be competitive. This is also the case with the banking industry where a crop of Fintech solutions are already disrupting the traditional way of carrying out banking transactions. Techpoint Inspired will bringing together key industry players as well as policy makers under one roof to initiate a discuss that will drive a paradigmn shift and chart a new course on the way businesses are done in Nigeria/Africa. This platform will create the opportunity for exposure on these current trends for its participants. The talks and insightful stories from proven and successful business leaders including Cecilia Ibru, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (founder, Flutterwave), Funke Opeke (founder Mainone Cable Services Ltd), Seun Onigbinde (founder, Budgit), Eyo Bassey (founder, Payporte) and a host of others will expose participants to best practices, in-demand skill set, and working business models.

For example, earlier in the year, I was at a tech event where one of the panelist was talking about the best practice of integrating a payment platform that does not compromise the user experience of a website. He talked about how ensuring it takes fewer clicks to complete a transaction and avoid redirecting users from your site, makes a better user experience. This was an eye-opener for me because I then had a payment platform guilty of these inefficient user experience implemented. After that event, I tried the alternative payment platform the speaker suggested and that was the game-changer for me.


Gain Access to a pool of Mentors

Getting to the peak of Business or professional ladder is never going to be easy without a mentor. It is even tougher in a business terrain as that of Nigeria where your barely find one in every 50 businesses succeeding. Well, Techpoint Inspired is bundled with the unveiling of the Techpoint mentorship program. This program promises to link budding entrepreneurs (mentees) with amazons/business leaders (mentors) in their chosen fields. Mentorship has been one of the major gap in the development of Nigeria’s startup ecosystem which Techpoint is trying to fill.

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