Start Innovation Hub is Catalyzing tech Startups in South-South Nigeria.

Start Innovation Hub, after its Launch  a years ago in 2015 has set itself  as the leading innovation lab in South-South Nigeria for incubating and accelerating tech startups.
 tech startups
It pride itself as a key innovative technology enabler by providing key ingredients like seed funding, mentoring and access to business expertise to tech startups.
Vision and objective
In clearer terms: Start Innovation Hub is helping tech startups start and grow faster.
According to it website, Here is how it intend to achieving this:
                          We provide space, internet, power and mentorship for tech entrepreneurs. Start                                           Innovation  Hub is a platform for people to live their tech dreams with deliberate intention of
   stimulating  economic growth in the technology community by providing access to business expertise.
tech startups
Inside Start Innovation Hub

The landmark approach adopted by this Hub in catalyzing the growth of tech startups is its collaboration with a sister hub, Roothub in Uyo, Nigeria. while Start Innovation Hub breeds self-sustaining cutting edge solutions needed by today’s users, The Roothub complements  with business, branding and Networking etc.

Aside the peer review, pitch development, product testing, and networking opportunities the hub offers its tech startups, it also introduce them to investors.
With startup founders currently clustering the hub and some other hubs in the Southern part of Nigeria, there is no doubt that the same buzz that birthed the rapidly growing technology ecosystem in Yaba, Lagos, stylishly named “Yabacon Valley” by some, will soon replicate itself in the Southern part of Nigeria.

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