How to become a Software Developer: Beginner’s Guide

One of the best and most reliable ways to make money in the 21st century is to become a software developer. If you follow the instructions in this article you will learn how to become a software developer without a degree or experience.

I will like to share how to become a software developer in five months using the experience of a carpenter who turn out to be a software developer in five months. Also in this article, you will see the advantages of becoming a software developer.

A reason to become a software developer

As you all know that the world is now a global village. Most of our daily lives and work is now on Cloud (internet). The internet is the most populous and largest medium in the world. Today, banks depends on the internet, hospital government, public and private organizations. Billions of people spend their days on the internet.

That is why the most lucrative job now is been able to develop applications that runs on the internet.

Before I share how you can do this, let’s look at why you should be a software engineer.


Software generally solves problems. Won’t it be nice to design a solution that could solve a problem in the world today?


Bill Gates became one of the richest men in the world through the Operating System he created in the 70s. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and today he is the 3rd richest man on planet earth.


The world celebrates problem solvers not consumers. Learning how to code will give you the power to create products in the digital world to help companies solve problems and make life easy.


The average salary for a Software Engineer in Nigeria is currently $22,500 per year that is over N8, 000, 000 ( over N8 million)., according to Payscale


An average salary of a software developer in the USA is $101,959 per year according to Indeed.


You can see how lucrative this profession is. Day in day out, there are job openings for software developers. The good thing about being a software developer is that you can work from your comfort zone ( Remote software developer). You don’t have to be in USA to work with a USA company; you can be in Nigeria and earn foreign currencies. You can be in India and work anywhere.


If you google job postings on software development in Nigeria, India, US, you will see massive job openings. IT has created more job opportunities than traditional jobs. If you have the skill, there is a job for you. If you ever plan on moving abroad, then this skill can help you earn a good living wherever you are migrating to.



Now let’s look at how to become a software developer using the experience of the carpenter guy who turn out to become a software developer in five Months


Back in 2016, a carpenter read an article on Medium which talked about learning programming from scratch without having a computer science degree. This post actually motivated a carpenter to learn the art of software development in 5 months. If a carpenter can do it, then you can do it too.

This carpenter had no University degree, he has never been to one. He barely finished high school. But he can read and write just like you. Today, he is earning big.



Learning software development can be very expensive especially in bootcamps here in Nigeria and in other places like Inida and USA. But don’t worry, I will be sharing with you the website where the carpenter learn all the concept from. With this website you will learn how to become a software developer free. All you need to get started are in the requirement list below.


• A laptop or desktop

• Internet connection

• Your passion to learn


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“To become a software developer is a hard journey but if you have passion for it, the gain is much more than the pain.”

Let’s get started

Visit, Register as a student. Then follow on screen instruction.

Free Code Camp has a good curriculum and within five months, if you follow the curriculum, you will become a sort-after software developer.


This is the curriculum the carpenter used to become a professional software developer

FreeCodecamp Curriculum

• Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)

• Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)

• Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)

• Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)

• Apis And Microservices Certification (300 hours)

• Information Security And Quality Assurance Certification (300 hours)

• Coding Interview Prep (Thousands of hours of challenges)


The above curriculum will be done in 5 months. If you follow the lectures diligently, you will come out to be a good software developer.

Certificates are awarded after each course on the curriculum above. Once you have learn how to become a software developer, you have the world in your hands


In my next post, I will be sharing how to get a Job remotely as a software developer. Please stay in touch with this website for more.


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