4 Key things to expect from the Big data Industry meet-up by Data Science Nigeria, holding today.

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All is now set for the first Big data Industry meet-up with Professor Raja Krishnan, a Microsoft Big Data Evangelist and a faculty member at the IIT, Chicago, United States of America. The Big data Industry meet-up is organized by Data Science Nigeria Network, a leading voice in the advancement of Big data Analytic and Artificial intelligence in Nigeria.The meet-up is scheduled to hold today, 14th December 2017 by 5: 30pm. The venue for the Big data Industry meet-up is: Elion House Hotel, 7/8 Abbeke Rotinwa Street, Dolphin Estate Extension, Ikoyi.

Big data Industry meet-up

Below are 5 Key things to expect at the meet-up:

1. Leveraging Natural Language Processing to gain business/market advantage:

The 3 hours intensive Big data Industry meet-up is aimed at exploring latest trends in artificial intelligence and how businesses in Nigeria can leverage on the huge potential of Natural Language Processing to gain a competitive market advantage. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is responsible for powering chatbots, digital or virtual assistants, document classification, text mining, sentiment/emotion analysis etc.

2. Exposure to Big data Analytic and Machine Learning technologies:

The Big data Industry meet-up will expose participants to the various Big data Analytics tools for data analysis and Machine learning tools for carrying out predictive analysis. This is expected to spur their curiosity in the use of these tools as well as help them adopt a data-driven approach in their businesses to help make better and informed business decisions that will give their businesses a competitive advantage.

3. Unveiling of the 2018 Data Science Nigeria Mega Event:

After the success of its Big Data Summit and the Data Science Nigeria bootcamp, Data Science Nigeria is set to unveil more impacful and industry focused events for the coming year. The theme for next year’s event is tagged: “Big Data for Digital and Financial inclusion”

One of the features of the event will be Inter-school machine learning awareness/competition for all Universities and  Polytechnics across the country (B.SC to PH.D), with the aim of introducing about 10,000 students to possibilities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.

The 2018 event will also feature the 2nd Big Data Economy Summit to explore emerging algorithms, applications and approaches in inclusive solutions for the next billions.

There will be an Executive Masterclass on Everything  Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, while the 3rd ever Data Science bootcamp and Hackathon to explore emerging trends in Natural Language Processing, Chatbot Development and Deep Learning.

Data Science 2018 Mega event will power a Town & Gown Research-driven innovation hub to support PhD/MSc research works that entail solving business/social problems through a tripartite model that brings together rigorous research, Industry Research & Development support and incubation support.

Another interesting feature for the event, will be the Quarterly Kaggle competitions that will aim to address business/social problems through a gamified platform. 

4. Career Advancement/B2B Networking:

The Big data Industry meet-up is designed to be a high networking point for players in difference industry as well as the Big data space in Nigeria. Among the participants expected to be at the event include data scientists, data engineers, Big data experts, IT consultants, Players in the banking and insurance sector, telecom experts, government agencies etc. With such a diverse audience, the meet-up is expected to be a common ground for networking and brain-storming on how best these business can leverage on machine learning and Artificial intelligence.


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