4 Reason why you should attend Nerds Unite 2018 Organized by Mainone Services

Digital transformation is here, and businesses are experiencing the disruption.  The growing digital trends demands that enterprises integrate digital technologies into their core business operations. Technologies like cloud computing, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence, Augmented and virtual reality, Big data Analytics are emerging trends that a business that desires to remain competitive must know about and implement. Driving this change will however require business leaders with competence in these technologies and can proactively integrate same into their core business operations. The reason is, the disruption of many business model in the current fast-paced world is inevitable.

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses from small scale to big enterprises. Digital technology is driving a new shift in the business space and companies that will remain competitive must understand how to merge technology with strategy. Companies that embraces digital transformation are far more profitable than their competitors.

Mainone Services, African’s leading provider of innovative telecom services and network solutions, is organizing a one-day technology conference, “Nerds Unite” – an annual event of the company. The topic for this year’s conference is “Rapid Digital Transformation”

Nerds Unite

Highlighted below are four (4) reasons why you need to attend this year’s Nerds Unite conference and what you should expect.

  1. Opportunity to Network with leading IT professionals across all industries:

Mainone’s biggest technology conference (Nerds Unite) is bringing together CTOs, decision makers, influencers and other IT leaders from leading organizations operating in all sectors both locally and internationally. Nerds Unite will create a platform for these innovators and thought leaders to meet with business owners, professionals and other participants of the event. This opportunity will expose participants to global best practises in adopting technology in their business operations; meet with lots of technology vendors as well as potential clients/business partners to explore new business ventures.

  1. Capacity building:

For technology enthusiast and business owners, Nerds Unite 2018 will be an avenue to build capacity, understand the demands and trends in technology and how it is changing businesses processes. Some of the brightest IT professionals will be sharing their success stories which participants can learn from. Participants will get to learn how best to make a digital transformation switch. Participants will also learn how to scale the challenge of attracting and retaining digital talents. Speakers like Srinth Logasubramanian, Global Director-Market business development at Avanti Communications and Chibuzor Ezeasor, Senior Digital Transformation principal at SAP would be sharing from their wealth of experience. At the technical breakout sessions, participants will get hands-on experience in implementing digital technologies in their businesses. This includes areas like cloud solutions, data warehousing, connectivity, security and SME.

  1. Access to solutions and software tools:

Technology is woven into the fabrics of every small business. At Nerds Unite 2018, many enterprise solution tools will be on display at various exhibition stands. Technology vendors from Microsoft, SAP, and other partners would be on ground to participants technology tools/solutions they can adopt to in their businesses to gain competitive advantage. Participants will also get to see software demos and explore the latest solutions from the tech industry top vendors.

  1. Get an exciting moment of fun: Above all, participants will get to have an exciting moment of fun with friends and colleagues. Nerds Unite promises to be eventful, with lots of amazing games, prize give-aways, music and networking. Going by the treat given to participants in last year’s Nerds Unite, this year’s event promises to be even bigger and better.

For more information and registration for Nerds Unite 2018, click on this Link


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